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What can people do to help Iran?

what can people do to help Iran?

Truth is, we have all been struggling with that. Unlike a natural disaster, or war (like in Ukraine), in Iran the government itself is the occupier, the murderer. You can’t send money, you can’t send help.

But we need to find an answer to that questions. Here’s my attempt — please add anything else you can think of:


1. Reach out to Iranian friends and colleagues, and check in on them. I promise you, they’ll really, really appreciate ANY words from you.

2. Be more vigilant in getting your information. Western media haven’t had presence on the ground in Iran for decades — pay attention to nuances in their reporting and their sources. The New York Times especially has been awful — publishing a long article after weeks of silence, to blame the Revolution on the economy and US sanctions; mentioning Mahsa Amini’s plight only once, in passing. CNN has been better.

3. Support us: Amplify our voices on social media and, if you can, join us for announced rallies and campaigns.

4. Reach out to your representatives and encourage them to not support any deals with the Iranian government (like the nuclear deal revival). Instead, ask them to support measures that help the Iranian people (such as access to free internet). Vote for politicians that understand the difference.

5. Support women’s rights and freedom in your own countries and localities. Remember that women and men in Iran are paying with blood for many rights and privileges we take for granted. Freedom anywhere advances freedom everywhere.

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