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Day 142 of Iranian Revolution

*Day 142 of Iranian Revolution*

The days of mass protests across dozens of cities, and the accompanying shocking videos of bullets, smoke and revolution on the streets, are over — for now.

Understandably: To drive from east of Tehran to west of Tehran, you have to cross through several military checkpoints.

Soccer matches are held behind closed doors, without spectators, and concerts and public events remain canceled. ~15,000 protestors remain behind bars, and several have been executed.

Iran is under martial law.

But the revolution itself has moved into a new phase: network building, consolidation, labor unions starting to flex their muscles, leaders emerging inside and outside of Iran.

These two pictures so beautifully summarize the current, network-building phase of the revolution: dozens of incredible young women and men who lost their eye or eyes to the regime’s intentional shooting of pellets at faces of protesters have met up to connect.

One of the women pictured wrote,

«هیچکس و هیچ چیز بر زنی که با خواندن کتاب و شعر، گوش دادن به موسیقی و نوشیدن قهوه، حالش خوب میشود پیروز نخواهد شد.»

“No force, and no one, can defeat a woman who finds joy in reading books and poetry, listening to music, and drinking coffee.”

This is, indeed, a revolution for, and by, “Women, Life, Freedom” (the slogan of the revolution).

Godspeed, heroes!

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