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Day 41 of Iranian Revolution

*Day 41 of Revolution in Iran*

Yesterday was the 40th day of passing of Mahsa Amini: the brave woman whose death sparked this revolution. (40th day of passing is an important milestone in many Middle Eastern cultures.)

People turned out in dozens of cities across Iran, again; incredible videos emerging by the minute, and more young protesters were gunned down by the regime (human rights groups put the Revolution's tally so far at ~300+ dead, and ~13,000+ arrested).

Below is a collage I made: On the left, is Mahsa Amini's mother, taking her a cake. On the right, thousands of people in Mahsa's hometown, marching to be alongside Mahsa and her mother.

Mahsa's parents wrote on her makeshift tombstone: "Zhina [Mahsa's real name, in Kurdish, which means life], you won't die. Your name will become a symbol."

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