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Day 34 of Iranian Revolution

*Day 34 of Revolution in Iran* and *Perspective Fridays*

WARNING: This video is not gory, but is extremely dramatic and mind-shifting.

This is the viral video of the revolution over the past two days.


32-year-old Ghazaleh Chalabi is protesting in front of the governor’s office in the northern city of Amol.

She says her final chants: “Don’t be afraid, we’re all in this together… Don’t be afraid, we’re all in this together…”

A thud.

Her phone (your lens) drops to the ground, facing up. You see shocked faces looking down, and hear screams.

Ghazaleh was shot in the head.

Another woman, losing her life, for wanting freedom.

The revolution’s slogan remains “Woman, Life, Freedom.”


Don’t ever take anything you have for granted.

Just a plane-ride away, people are murdered for even *wanting* the same.

Really, really cherish your day today.

God bless the brave women and men of Iran. I’m humbled, inspired, and deeply shaken.

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