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Day 29 of Iranian Revolution

*Day 29 of Revolution in Iran*

Tonight, yet another tragedy / legend was born: Iran’s most notorious prison, Evin, which houses thousands of political prisoners, dissidents, student activists, social workers, campaigners (ie, anyone who doesn’t fit in a totalitarian regime) was the scene of a massive fire, potentially explosions, and potentially a prisoner uprising.

No one knows why, how, or how many prisoners are hurt, or worse.

But in a beautiful show of solidarity, ordinary people rushed to the prison — video below and other videos show thousands of cars headed to the prison, to help defenseless prisoners against the government’s agents of death.

People remain united, and hopeful.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out over the past few days. Yes, I have family in Iran and, as far I know, they are physically safe.

But this is a war between human values and all else — #mahsaamini was my sister and a sister and daughter to most Iranians.

Women, Life, Liberty 💚🤍♥️

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