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A picture that changed a nation.

A picture that changed a nation.


A beautiful 22-year-old is vacationing with her family in Tehran, celebrating her acceptance into university.

Suddenly, she is arrested by the "morality police." Forced into a van, and then, casually murdered. Just like that. Her crime? Showing too much hair, from under her scarf.


Mahsa's story, and her final pictures (top right), jolted an already fuming nation last week.

Iranian women and men poured onto the streets (bottom right and left) -- To fight, with bare knuckles, and scarves set on fire, billions of dollars of gear, guns, and killing machinery (supplied by Russia, and China, first and second). (A dozen or so more civilians have been murdered so far.)

Meanwhile, in New York City, 60 MINUTES's Lesley Stahl wore a scarf to be permitted to ask some softball questions of one of the chief murderers in charge -- a person US media calls "President" of Iran, even though he has never won an actual election (top left).

That is no way to be an ally, or even to do your job.

If you have Iranian friends, coworkers, or colleagues, you bet they have a lot on their minds this week: hearts full of love, guts full of anger, and clinched teeth -- reach out, be humble, and stay curious.


To the best chant I've ever heard, shaking the streets of Iran right now:



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