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You see what you aim at!

You see what you aim at.

Think about how BIG the world is. And how LITTLE of it you get to see.

Even the space behind your own head, by your own ears, you can't see.

You literally see ONLY what you aim at, with your eyes.

Career, and life, are the same way.

You don't see things you don't aim at.

You only see what you aim at.

This year, make an effort to consciously, and intentionally, aim.


This is known in spirituality & wellness circles: Think the bestseller, The Secret.

But this is also known in science & psychology. It is a version of "availability bias," or "availability heuristic": When the mind fixates on something (say, something you've aimed at), it is more likely to find relevant examples, data or concepts in the world around us, about it.


Politics aside, this lesson was inspired by Jordan Peterson's Personality & Its Transformation course (2017), which is available in full on YouTube.

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