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"Yes, and..." concept.

"Yes, and" is the concept at the core of Improv Comedy.

If your improv partner says something, NO MATTER how ridiculous, untrue, or unfunny -- you can't try to change their truth, or deny their premise.

You MUST accept their perspective; AND then build on it.

So if they say, "Wow, we are here on the moon!" and you wanted to talk about cheese, you can't say: "No, this is a cheese shop."

But you can say: "Yes, and who left cheese on the moon?"

This way, both people get to play, and the audience doesn't get confused.


This concept is useful at work too.

Especially when we have a strong perspective about something, we sometimes wait for the other person to finish so we can say what we have to say.

We start a lot of responses with "But."

Try starting your responses with "Yes, and" instead!

(Pic from March 2018 improv show in San Francisco!)

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