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Would you live [your] life again?

*Perspective Fridays*

This is a 2-part question I've been asking my friends lately; and it has shed a lot on the meaning of life for me.

Part 1 is, "Would you live life again, if you could?"

This question really comes from Nietzsche, in a famous passage from The Gay Science I'm paraphrasing.

My answer, honestly, would be, meh - no. I lived life once. It's fine. I get it. But no need to live it again.

But then I added a Part 2 to the question: "Would you live YOUR life again, if you could?"

(And it would still be of first impression to you - meaning you would be living your life again, everything exactly as it happened, but it would seem new and original from your perspective, like it does now.)

I was surprised that my answer to that question was a clear yes.

In other words, I wouldn't want to live life again; but I would want to live MY life again.

I think it means that I am incredibly lucky & privileged.

I hope we can live in a world where everyone can answer the second question positively, if not both.

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