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"Why do you think we're so angry?"

Partner Track on Netflix is a bit over the top; but accurate enough to give me chills about my own Big Law experience as a junior attorney.

It's the story of a group of "outsiders" (women, minorities, the less-privileged, a British guy) trying to navigate the macho world of an NYC White Shoe law firm.

It's also the story of young people -- just people -- trying to navigate the extraordinary amount of pressure suddenly hoisted onto their shoulders, at their most vulnerable time: the first few months and years of their careers.

Some of the most painful scenes are about how the star of the show (Arden Cho) -- obviously super smart, and capable -- is looked over, mistreated, patronized or downright abused in the macho-dominated firm culture.

Some of the scenes made me SO ANGRY -- you can literally see Arden Cho's character clinching her fist as she takes the barrage of abuse.

I turned to my wife and asked, "How can you not punch people in the face when they treat you like that?!?"

"Why do you think we're so angry," she replied.

I had nothing to say.

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