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When in doubt, JUST PUT IT OUT THERE!

We are so afraid of being wrong, or judged, that we - so often - hold a thought inside.

It's a constant struggle.

When I'm facing that dilemma, I use this simple rule as a tie-breaker: JUST PUT IT OUT THERE!

When you put a thought out there, you can watch it -- grow or fizzle.

You, in fact, created a separation between yourself and your thought. It's no longer "inside" you. So, even if it's wrong or mistaken -- IT is wrong, not you! If you hold onto it, you'll never know: You may carry around a wrong thought for a while, sometimes forever.

More often than you think, you'll find that your thoughts are actually valuable. Plenty has been written about this. At the very least, sharing them resolves your confusion / curiosity. At most, they can actually add enormous value.

When in doubt, JUST PUT IT OUT THERE!

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