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We ALL have some of the leadership styles

Today I want to thank Janet Stone Herman (she/her), certified coach & my former colleague at Morrison & Foerster LLP, for changing the trajectory of my life.

I grew up all my life thinking that "I'm not a leader"; that I was naturally book-smart, and some "other people" were naturally leaders; that I'd make a great No. 2, but should leave leadership to others.

Until I attended a leadership seminar hosted by Janet.

In that seminar, Janet introduced to me the idea that leadership has multiple styles; and that, each one of us, is naturally more comfortable in some styles, and less comfortable in others.

The key was to realize that we all have leadership qualities within us -- just expressed in different styles.

Janet made us all take a quiz, to see what styles we were more comfortable in. Below are my results. I was so shook that I taped the results to my then-desk, so that I could always remember that beautiful lesson.

That day, I learned, that I am a leader -- and so are you!

Thank you, Janet!

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