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Truth, with strategy!

We have a mistaken belief that being truthful means being unfiltered.

Or that there's a tension between being clever & strategic, on the one hand, and being honest & authentic, on the other. You're either clever, or honest; either strategic, or authentic.


Being truthful & authentic doesn't mean being stupid.

I often say, "Start with the truth, but don't necessarily end there."

Keep going, until you arrive somewhere nice.

Build a strategy around your truth.

Truth is the foundation of what you want to build. But you still have to build: the right narrative, the right framing, the right words, the right tone, the right conclusion.

Always start with the truth; but don't necessarily end there.

Be clever, strategic, and intentional about your truth and authenticity.

Pick chips made of truth; but you still have to play the game!

Truth, with strategy!

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