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Treating strangers v those closest to us.

*Perspective Fridays*

I've spent a lot of time with family lately -- where love and friction seem to go hand in hand!

I've also spent a lot of time working with new colleagues lately -- most of whom I've never met outside of Zoom.

I was driving the other day thinking about how we treat those closest to us, versus strangers, and I had this epiphany -- that I should,

• Treat those closest to me with the deference and respect I treat strangers, and

• Treat strangers with the love and warmth I treat those closest to me.

It seemed to me that sometimes we don't treat those closest to us with enough kindness and respect -- because we feel so much love and closeness towards them. Conversely, sometimes we don't treat strangers with enough love and warmth -- because we feel deference or distance towards them.

A little bit more deference sprinkled onto close relationships, and a little bit more love sprinkled onto distant relationship, can go a long way!

Happy Friday :)

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