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Tips for taking law school exams!

(1) The biggest mistake law students make in exams is the tendency to just 🤮 out all they know without really, REALLY addressing, and manipulating, and massaging, the hypos given to them. The analysis STARTS with the hypo, it doesn’t end with the hypo. Almost all students know the material, but not all students fully play with the hypos. So, focus on the hypos! EVERY little fact, EVERY little detail in the hypos is there for a reason. Fight the tendency to show off your knowledge! You’re playing a LAWYER on the exams, not a student!

(2) This one comes from performance theory (what I learned during my stand-up days): Do not do anything on the day of your performance (exam) that you don’t do on a normal day! E.g., Do not drink twice the coffee; eat twice the breakfast; wake up twice as early; etc. Your body is already revved up on adrenaline, there's no need to introduce additional wild factors into the equation! Give your body a break; be kind to yourself.


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