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Thoughts on Clubhouse!

Thoughts on Clubhouse

1. It’s basically a democratization of radio. Everyone can have a radio channel now.

2. I could see a world where it’s great background noise generator for when you work from home or are washing dishes. Basically a live podcast rotation of programs you like.

3. The problem with it now is that it still has many kinks (think Facebook of 2004).

4. But the bigger problem is it’s a free radio app but there aren’t enough *professional* or great content creators on it - yet.

5. Another good use I see for it is for things like gaming, or discussing Bitcoin. I dropped into a Bitcoin room where folks were basically going about their day, talking randomly about finance and Bitcoin-related things, some making live trades and asking questions.

6. Ultimately, don’t think it will stick beyond some niche uses, but I’ve had fun interactions too. To be seen if they can manage to make it work at scale!

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