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Success is an outcome, not a goal.

Success is an outcome, not a goal.

So often, in our careers especially, we set a goal for ourselves, and then measure our success or failure by whether or not we achieve that goal.

But that approach is fraught with danger!

First, we may not achieve that goal -- and think that we have failed.

Second, even if we achieve that goal -- we may learn that we're still not happy; or that that's not what we really wanted.

Third, and most importantly, those goals are usually (not always) goals that others have set for us: our egos, our parents, society, what success means "objectively" in our industry, etc.

I believe that a better approach is to regard success as what it truly is: an outcome, not a goal.

If we invest the time, and energy, and resources, to truly get to know ourselves; and then keep doing things that resonate with us, authentically; and do them in ways that are consistent with our own unique values, and ways of being -- we will open our eyes one day, and see that we have *succeeded.*

Because success is an outcome, not a goal.

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