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Start with honesty, but don't necessarily end there!

I receive, and see, so many questions like:

- How do you answer, "why are you the right candidate for this job," at an interview?

In the realm of personal relationships, too, difficult questions sometimes arise:

- How do you tell your spouse or family that you're upset about something they said, or did?

One technique that is always helpful for me is this: START with honesty, but don't necessarily end there!

Take the first question above, for example.

Suppose - as the most extreme case - that you don't even think you're the right candidate for the job! OK, START there, but keep going.

Why do you feel that way?

Because you don't have as much experience as others.

So why did you apply?

Because you're a hard worker & also love to learn; in your last job too, you thrived even though you had little experience when you began.

OK. Now, build up a strategic answer from that honest starting point:

"What really engages me about this position is the opportunity to bring my work ethic & curious approach into it - for example, at my previous position,..." etc.

When lost, what better place to start, than honesty? We ALWAYS know the honest answer. Use it as a starting point, and build up from there.

Start with honesty, but don't necessarily end there!

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