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some really neat & thought-provoking word combos

Now that I'm teaching my son Farsi, I'm starting to notice some really neat & thought-provoking word combos. For Example:

"Danesh" means "Knowledge." So,

"Danesh-amooz," literally "knowledge learner," is what you call a K-12 student.

"Danesh-joo," literally "knowledge seeker," is a university student.

"Danesh-yaar," literally "knowledge companion," is a university professor.

"Danesh-mand," literally "knowledge possessor," is a scientist.

Really neat, no?

(Though I prefer "scientist" to "knowledge possessor" -- the former acknowledges that it is a craft, whereas the latter assumes that knowledge is objective and something you can possess and be done with... Perhaps the difference between Platonic philosophy which heavily influenced the Islamic / Persian worlds, vs the renaissance and enlightenment approach to science.)

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