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Play life like a game!

Live life like a game!

I was just going out for a dreaded grocery run. I ran into our doorlady and asked if she wanted anything from the store.

"No," she said.

"Come on!!!! It's Christmas!!!" I replied.

She picked up on the game: "Surprise me!"

I got excited: "Ok, ok! Sweet, sour, spicy, or liquid?"

"Sour!" she replied.

Now, I was walking to the store curious; joyful; excited!! "What am I going to get her?!"

A game, out of nowhere, to inject excitement in the mundane!

Also, an opportunity for connection; and to discover about each other.


Even when I was at the law firm, working on "soulless" agreements on a screen - not even paper - through the night; I remember highlighting words to write over them, instead of deleting them first and writing a new word -- "Saving the most # of data bit functions in my mark-up," was the name of that game.

Play life like a game! Make missions! Accomplish them! If you fail, "Try Again?" Yes, absolutely! The night is YOUNG!

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