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Perspective Fridays: Growth, & Final Trips

*Perspective Fridays*

12 years ago, my brother asked me to go to Hawaii with him. I was young, distracted with life, and judgmental. Why was he spending money on a Hawaii trip, in the middle of dealing with leukemia, and mounting medical bills?

He went, and that became his last trip ever. I was all regret.

2 years ago, I took my mom and dad to Hawaii, knowing it would be my dad's last trip. It was an unforgettable trip of love, sunshine, but also heartbreak, and rain.

One afternoon - when my mother was napping - I asked my dad if he was afraid of dying.

"No! This is it," he said.

I said, "I'll miss you, dad."

We cried in each others' arms for a few minutes. And we never spoke of that moment again.

Wiser from my experience of 12 years ago, I'm so happy we went on our trip 2 years ago.

My therapist says: "Your problems / regrets / failures won't leave you until they've taught you everything you need to learn from them."

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