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Networking Tuesdays: Send a LinkedIn Intro (Not Message But) Video!!!

We've written before about what a difference it makes to write a little connection message when you add a stranger (and even a friend!) on LinkedIn. To this day, 90%+ of connection requests I receive from strangers have no message attached. What a lost opportunity! The other 10%, who write a message, I always reply to them, and that usually becomes the beginning of an ongoing conversation.

Last week I received a connection request from a stranger - but he had included, instead of a written message, a little intro video. How neat!!! In the video, which was about 20 seconds, he introduced himself, and noted some commonalities between us (we're both from California, both work in non-profit areas, both are interested in social justice, etc.).

I liked the idea so much that I sent him a video back.

What a neat little trick to add to your arsenal! I think this could especially be a golden technique for students or young grads who are looking for jobs. You can essentially send a short "interview" clip to a hiring manager or a partner or an executive in a company without having gone through the recruiting process first.

Think about it, consider it, and execute it, if it feels intriguing to you!

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