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Networking Tuesdays: If someone helps you, THANK THEM!

If someone helps you with a connection or issue, or posts something you find valuable, take a minute to thank them!


- Speaking from experience, this makes them feel even more energized to continue helping you, and others! (positive feedback loop)

- It's a touch point between you and them, in which you aren't asking for, or requesting, anything; instead, you're giving back (makes this a relationship, not a take-take)

- Especially if the person is busy, or helping many others, it makes them remember you, and your journey, easier!

- It makes the other person more "invested" in your case. Just like anything else in life, if you do something and see results, you're more likely to do it. If you don't share positive feedback with the helper, they may not see the results at all.

- It's a nice thing to do!

When I scroll on LinkedIn, or Facebook, I make it a habit to like or comment under posts that add something to me. Don't be a silent reader! Relationships are made with small, tiny steps, repeated over time. That "perfect moment" when you're gonna catch up for 30 minutes with your connection may never come! Life happens RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE, IN THESE TINY MOMENTS!

Thank you to everyone who has thanked me over the years!

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