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Networking: A technique I use for connections in the Zoom era

I want to share a technique I use for connections in the Zoom era.

❶ I was invited to a lawyers happy hour. I didn't know the invitees or organizers, but decided to go b/c I thought it would be interesting to meet other attorneys.

❷ When the meeting started, I took a screenshot to make sure I don't forget names and faces. (I'm TERRIBLE w/ names, but better with faces!)

❸ I then opened a note on the side of screen, and started jotting down keywords or interesting things each participant said. (This is the beginning of the note; I added details.)

❹ Next day, I added the participants on LinkedIn. In my add message, I weaved in both (a) an interesting thing I had said (like, I was wearing a Hawaiian shirt) & (b) an interesting thing they had said (like, they love dogs). That way I'm helping them form a mental image of me too.

❺ Over the next few weeks, I made a conscious effort to like / comment on their posts, both to show support & to cement in both our minds who the other person is.

❻ Now, this becomes the seed for a tree that can continue to grow over time.

❼ I do all of this with attitude of curiosity & friendship. I don't expect anything; I just want to be friends & support them however I can.

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