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Networking Intermediate: Unique Ways of Networking

Everyone always says "Network your own way," but what does that really mean?

For me personally, I always disliked going to networking happy hours -- I felt awkward, uncomfortable. (It's become much easier over the years.)

I really got going in networking through the following, which came much more naturally to me (compared with in-person networking happy hours):

1. Event Planning

When you plan an event, in real life or remotely, you have to meet speakers, organizers, attendees, etc. I promise you, if you plan ANY event, you will easily add at least 10-20 people to your network.

2. Writing

I love to write, always kept journals, blogs, etc. I recently started posting some of my writings on LinkedIn. I've met so many people, fellow writers and lawyers, who reach out to me, comment on posts, message me, etc.

What are some of your "natural" networking strategies, talents?

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