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LEAD, in *everything* you do!

I used to think Leadership is a *role*, or a *position*.

"I'm just a junior associate!" I'd think. "My job right now is to follow. One day, I'll lead!"

Over the past few years, as my confidence grew, I realized that I'm not bringing ANYTHING to the table if I'm not LEADING in EVERY encounter I'm having.

Leadership is not a role, or a position -- It's an attitude, an approach.

It starts from WITHIN: If you have an instinct about something, or an idea, or something just quite doesn't sit right with you, BRING IT TO THE TABLE.

If you don't, because you're following some convention, or tradition, or rule, or what others have said, then you're not bringing anything to the table. You're just a "tool" -- sitting there to represent what others think or say.

Bringing YOU to the table is the least you can do; and it is also the essence of leadership. You are leading your position. If you can't lead your own position, you can't lead anyone else either.

You don't need a team, or a management role, or a CEO title, to lead.

LEAD, in *everything* you do!

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