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It’s impossible to know what you need to know until after you’ve done it - so go do it!

“The old story again! When we have finished building our house, we suddenly notice that we have learned something in the process, something we simply had to know before we started to build. The eternally tiresome ‘Too late!’ - The melancholy of everything finished!”

I love this Nietzsche quote, which I wrote on the first page of my-then journal when I was in college.

It encapsulates life in one paragraph: Both the struggle to achieve “perfection”, and the impossibility of achieving it!

The thing you need to know THE MOST before building a house - *how* to build a house - is impossible to know until AFTER you’ve built the house!!

What a dilemma!

“It’s about the journey,” is the common way of saying it. But it always helps to hear it differently, too.

It’s impossible to know what you need to know to do something, until after you’ve done it.

So, go do it!!!!

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