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Interview tips: There are no right or wrong answers, only right or wrong ways of answering questions

3 Interview Tips:

❶ Don't lie, or fake enthusiasm.

Everyone knows what's on their company website & buzzwords associated with their company. When you repeat what you've just read, at worst you're faking it, and at best you don't bring anything new to the table (because most candidates do that).

🡲 Instead, tie what you've read or heard to specific observations from the interview process. (For example: "Jackie was describing the culture in her group and I found it very interesting because....")

❷ Don't make statements on topics that the Interviewer has more intimate knowledge on.

If you want to say things like, "I really like your company's culture....," STOP! You don't work there - The interviewer does. Maybe they think the culture can be improved, or they don't like their job or company right now.

🡲 Every time you talk about a topic that the interviewer has more intimate knowledge on, you expose yourself to being dead wrong, and losing credibility.

❸ Start with honesty, but don't end there.

I've written a full post about this before here:

🡲 Always start with honest answers to questions, but don't end there; tie the answer to the interview, your goals, the company's stated goals, the interviewer's interests.

Remember, there are no right or wrong answers. Only right or wrong ways of answering questions.

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