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I'll never forget how he made me feel, and how she made me feel.

When I was a law student, a big international law firm hosted a mixer for Middle Eastern law students studying in New York.

There was one partner who was so kind to me, even though I was just a student. She asked me questions about myself, gently listened, and genuinely cared.

There was another partner who, at one point, went around the room and asked us what languages we were fluent in. After each person ("Arabic," "Turkish", etc.), he would nod approvingly and say "That's an asset," or something like that. When it was my turn, I said "Farsi." He looked at me with a strange smile and said, "Well, definitely not in my lifetime, but maybe in your lifetime that'd be useful in your career!"

The first partner was the wonderful Samaa Haridi. I never forgot Samaa's kindness; and by some twist of fate that only the beautiful life is capable of making, I now get to work with Samaa!

The second partner? I don't even remember his name. I only remember his smile when he said that, and how he made me feel.

May this be a continuing lesson for us: People will remember how you make them feel. Thank you to Samaa and all the wonderful people who make you feel loved and valued, especially when you are in no position of power.

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