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Giving gives energy.

For much of my life, I lived with the mistaken belief that giving takes energy.

"One day, when I have enough energy, time, or money, I'll give!", I'd say to myself. "I'll volunteer THEN!"

Even the times I did volunteer, or served on non-profit boards, I'd approach it more as a "chore," another "task" to be completed, "work."

But last year was a turning point in my life.

As some of you may know, together with my colleagues at the Iranian American Bar Association, we ran a summer-long program to help out-of-job law students find employment (through a job-match program), and also continue their professional development (through the "Summer Six" educational platform).

Because the motivation for these actions was genuine - just trying to help, not pad resume - I woke up every day with more energy than before.

I even remember, a couple of times during the summer, as I was getting into my periodic depression zones, I'd schedule a couple of calls with prospective employers, or catch up with the students - and I'd suddenly find fuel, energy & happiness for a few more weeks.

Last summer changed my life, because I learned that giving doesn't take energy.

Giving gives energy.

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