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Four Performance Tips for Meetings, Presentations, and Performances!

Four Performance Tips for Meetings / Presentations / Performances:

❶ Be 120% Animated: When you are performing, your adrenalin rush makes you think you are more animated than you actually are. Especially in the Zoom era, you need to be 120% animated / expressive / moving your facial muscles / smiling widely to just get to 100% "normal" baseline.

❷ Don't do anything you won't do on a normal day! We tend to drink extra coffee, or eat an extra large breakfast, when we have a performance. But your body already has enough extra hormones to deal with; you don't need to throw any additional "abnormal" variables into the mix!

❸ Prepare! Some people mistake preparation for lack of authenticity. But actually extra preparation allows you to focus, not on the content of your presentation, but on the moment / audience / flow / vibe during your presentation (therefore making you even more authentic).

❹ Do Something Nice! Before your big presentation, do something nice for someone! You putting love out there, increases your confidence and comfort, and increases your karma too!

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