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File it away, and move on!

It's not that failure, or not getting what you want, is good, or enjoyable, or a virtue - like how it's fashionable these days to celebrate failure.

It's just that, the more dots you have in your bag of life, the more dots you have to connect to one another later.

So, if you do fail, or don't get what you want -- from smaller things, like a Zoom webinar that didn't live up to your expectations, to bigger things, like a job that didn't -- don't get discouraged; just file it away.

Later, there may be another dot that connects to it. (For example, one of the webinar speakers may happen to interview you for a future job.)

It's not that failure is good; it's just that failure, like all other events in life, is at least another dot, in your bag of life.

File it away, and move on!

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