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Ever wondered why Apple’s branding and marketing is so effective?

Ever wondered why Apple’s branding and marketing is so effective?

🍕 Most companies focus on WHAT it is they are selling.

This is typical of pizza commercials:

“Introducing our newest, cheesy crust, double pepperoni, $5.99 pizza!” (With the video of a cheesy, meaty pizza in the background, the cheese stretching to eternity as a slice is being picked up….)

🚙 Some companies do a little better, and focus on HOW they make their products.

This is typical of car commercials:

“We combined the latest hydraulic technology, toughest materials, and most advanced engineering to build the most poweful truck ever built!” (With the video of a big truck in the background, going up and down a rugged landscape….)

📱 A small number of companies, like Apple, do really well because they don’t focus on WHAT or HOW.

Rather, they focus on WHY.

Picture a typical Apple commercial:

It’s a grandpa playing with his granddaughter, with the voiceover saying something like: “Why do we do the little things in life? Because we want to make good memories with people we love.” And only then: “Introducing our latest iPhone, housing the most advanced camera, to capture our loving moments, forever.”

✅ At work too, always try to start with WHY. If your colleagues know the why, they are more likely to be engaged, feel valued, and do their best.

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