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Don't chase, run parallel!

"Don't chase, run parallel."

As a kid playing soccer, you quickly learn that if you just *chase* the ball, especially against a good opponent, you'll be chasing forever!

Instead, you must move intelligently; often parallel to your opponent; close down passing lanes; and so on, until you corner your opponent; and just when the ball is within striking distance, you move confidently & take possession.

Life, and career, are the same.

I get so many emails & messages from folks seeking help to land their "dream job" at [Google][Facebook][Apple][Company X][Law Firm Y].

My answer, always starts the same: Success is an outcome, not a goal.

Instead of "chasing" those jobs/positions, the real question is, what can YOU do, to run parallel to them -- to build the foundation you need, to live the life that you think you will have if you had that job.

I promise them that, if they do that, the job will come after them; or, at least, they will be within striking distance, to move confidently & take possession.

Don't chase; run parallel!

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