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"Anything worth doing, is worth doing poorly too."

"Anything worth doing, is worth doing poorly too." This is one of the most amazing life and career lessons, which I learned just recently, courtesy of Prof Bracken at the Yale School of Management.

How often do we NOT do something because we can't do it perfectly or well?

- "One day, when I have enough time!"

- "One day, when I have the right shoes!"

- "One day, when I'm well-rested!"

- "One day, when I'm in the mood!"

We constantly find a way to talk ourselves out of doing something, by cleverly convincing ourselves that there is a "better" time to do it!

How many opportunities do we lose out on, by doing that?!

If something is worth doing, it's worth doing poorly too!

We understand this simple rule in economics & finance: No one will pick $0 over $10, just because they can't make $100!

But when it comes to our lives, we seem to forget this completely: We pick 0 over 10, just because we can't make it to 100!

(Prof Bracken also has a corollary rule: "Anything not worth doing, is not worth doing well either." But I identify more with the original rule!)

Don't let perfectionism hold you back!

I need to constantly remind myself too!

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