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Angel Babies: An Incredibly Raw, Emotional and Inspiring Interview with Shouan Riahi!

An incredibly raw, emotional and inspiring story, but Shouan Riahi and his amazing wife Ellie have graciously agreed to share it with the world, especially during this week of gratitude, love and family.


Elham Sadri, and I run a Facebook group for Iranian-heritaged lawyers & allies. We hold informal live chats with members so the community can meet & stay connected.

Last night, I had the pleasure to chat and catch up with my old friend & fellow NYU Law alum Shouan Riahi. The whole discussion is amazing (Shouan talks about the racist Bush-era NSEERS program (predecessor to the racist Travel Ban), his decision to move to Guatemala after law school to learn Spanish & culture of his future clients, money v fulfillment choices we make), but if you have just a few minutes, please watch from 34 mins on.

Shouan and Ellie are parents to two beautiful children, Nour and Ramin, and a beautiful angel child, Yara. Shouan talks about how Yara changed their world - how could she not? Hear this inspiring, raw story, and you will have a smile as big as the moon on your face.

This one's for you Yara jan - bet you didn't think you'll be on LinkedIn so soon in your life!

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