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ALWAYS APPLY for ALL the jobs you’re interested in, here's why!

Real question, but one that I receive all the time: “Hi Ali, I hope you are doing well. Thank you so much for posting the [X] position. I am really interested in the position. However, I went through the job description and it is mentioned that you should have at least [Y] years of experience in a corporate setting. I worked as [Z], but I don’t have [Y]. Do you think I should apply for the position? Thank you for your time.”

My answer: ALWAYS APPLY for ALL the jobs you’re interested in.

Here’s why: “Getting the job” is just one good outcome of the application process. There are many other beneficial outcomes.

Each time you apply:

- You tend to polish your resume and application material just a bit more.

- You become more comfortable with the process, and with your own story and application materials.

- You may find that one resume typo you’ve just been missing all these years.

- You learn about a new company and a new position.

- You learn more about a particular industry or space.

- You may even meet new people and expand your network.

And most importantly: You only need to get lucky once!

Always apply if you are interested. Don’t leave the other outcomes listed above on the table!

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