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4 principles to help you formulate thoughtful questions at the end of an interview!

What questions should you ask at the end of an interview?

Here're 4 principles to help you formulate thoughtful questions:

❶ Start with your curiosity (but don't necessarily end there - see example below).

❷ If your question can be answered by 5 mins of Googling, DON'T ask it.

❸ Tie into your question both the role & company's strategy (and, for extra credit, a yet-undiscussed aspect of you).

❹ Ask your question in a way that helps the interviewer *visualize* you into the role.


Start with what you're *honestly* curious about. Let's assume that's whether the job takes work/life balance seriously.

Why do you want to know that?

B/c you need free time to pursue hobbies.

What are your hobbies?


Why do you like writing?

Because you like sharing what you know. You like teaching for that reason, too. Good.

Now, let's assume the role is for corporate counsel & one of company's key growth drivers is advertising. Tie those in & help the interviewer visualize you into the role too:

"I'm passionate about teaching, and there have been interesting recent developments in advertising law. Do you see that as an area I can contribute to, in this role, e.g., by designing training sessions for executives?"


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