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3 Practical BigLaw / Career Survival Tips

Last week I received calls from two 1st year associates in #BigLaw who broke down about unfair & unrealistic pressures.

It breaks my heart that the challenges we all endured in BigLaw (associates & partners alike) persist.

I wanted to share 3 pieces of practical advice:

❶ Find the "Yes way" to say "No".

If you're given an unrealistic task, it's really hard - or impossible - to just say No. BUT, you can say: "Wow, thank you Partner 2! This sounds like an amazing project! I'm currently working with Partner 1 on another time-sensitive matter. Would you like me to talk to Partner 1 to see if they have flexibility on timing?" 9 times out of 10, Partner 2 will understand.

❷ Seek out your "crew" as soon as possible.

Big firms are huge corporations but run like fiefdoms. If you hear or find that a particular partner is a joy to work with, reach out & continue to seek work from them. The sooner you create your own "portfolio" of work you like, the easier your ride will be.

❸ Always remember that you're there to learn exactly this: How to be confident & true to yourself in difficult situations under a lot of pressure. (You're not there to learn how to write a motion, or do due diligence - most people can do that.)

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