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3-Part "Truth Strategy", to move forward if you make a mistake!

If you make a mistake, here's a 3-part strategy to help you move forward:

❶ Always, always, always, start with the truth. This is the first, and most important, principle.

❷ Starting with the truth doesn't mean you say anything that comes to mind, willy-nilly. No. The second principle is to build a strategy around the truth & to proceed with a "truth strategy."

❸ What is a "truth strategy"? As an example, sit down & write down:

- all the facts as you remember them. (E.g., "I grabbed doc A from drawer B, but didn't touch doc C.")

- all the circumstances that may entitle you to forgiveness. (E.g., "I was under extra stress in that period because my sister was ill.")

- all the lessons you've learned from your mistake. (E.g., "I've learned that my actions can really impact my coworkers.")

- all the steps you have taken to address your mistake. (E.g., "I voluntarily enrolled in two online courses because I wanted to better myself.")

Then, at the day of the meeting, or when you come clean, confidently & competently stick to your truth strategy: Say what happened, the circumstances, what you learned, and the steps you've taken to improve yourself.

We ALL make mistakes. The difference is in how we handle them.

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