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2020 has allowed me to be both social, and awkward.

As someone who has struggled with self-control (and specifically, with saying "no!" and setting boundaries) all my life, I'm grateful to how 2020 has helped expand my boundaries.

I used to skip out on so many events last minute, because I'd get overwhelmed playing the night to its logical conclusion: "Ok, so I go to the networking event from 6-8:30; then I'd need to get some drinks with colleagues who'll be at the event; then I'd be out until midnight or 1 am; then tomorrow will be ruined, my partner would be upset, and things would only become sort-of-normal again the day after tomorrow. I can't do that!"

The 30-minute Zoom meeting format provided me with a beautiful space to be both social and awkward; to be present now, but absent in 30 minutes.

I hope that I can take this newfound confidence to the physical world, when the time comes.

What do you think? Have you thrived in this new environment, or have you been limited by it?

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