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Today is my last work day at The Clorox Company.

Today is my last work day at The Clorox Company.

At Clorox, I found my voice: as a lawyer; as an in-house lawyer; and, most importantly, as a company person.

I no longer think of myself as just a lawyer; I am a company person with legal expertise.

Two big thank you's: to my Clorox family, for creating such a nice, kind environment where I felt free to express myself; and, to the universe, for allowing me the privilege to be at the CENTER of it all during the scariest months of the pandemic. I worked the hardest I ever had in the year or so after the pandemic started, but it didn't feel like it at all -- that experience showed me the incredible importance of having clear PURPOSE at work.

In a few weeks, I'll join the fantastic family at Splunk. I look forward to expanding my circle of colleagues and friends, learning a new industry, and continuing to grow!

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