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Teach kids life, not just math!

Throwback to my junior associate days in New York City!

I took pride in how I dressed.

The “uniform” was part of my growing up: learning what to wear where, when, and how.

A small kid in a big city, soaking it all in — the suits, the offices, the deals, the private dinners & dining rooms, the black cars, the lingo — bps! indemnities! LIBOR!

Slowly, then quickly, I got caught up hard in the vortex.

I had made it onto the Wall Street bull, but without the skills necessary to ride.

Skills like financial management, anxiety management, loneliness management.

I fell off the bull. Hard.

I came back home to California, and rebuilt my life.

I met my wife and got married.

I made studying those skills a priority, then a habit.

I made peace with myself. I loved myself again.

I wish for a day when all kids are taught basic life skills, at least as rigorously as they’re taught math & English.


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