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Pets are amazing. Life is precious

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jealous of Tyson when we first met.

You see, he was my then-girlfriend, now-wife's longtime cat.

They had a special bond; predating me by many years.

Tyson - true to his name - was also a DUDE. He did dude things.

Over the years, I fell in love with Tyson and - I like to think - he with me.

He loved playing fetch. We played a lot.

He LOVED Mortadella - just like me. Sometimes I'd sneak him a piece while his mama wasn't looking. Then he would aggressively want more and we would inevitably get into a fight.

We bickered a lot too: over bathroom space, couch space, blankets. He LOVED our red RH blanket that I loved too, and would try to get on it before me. If he won, I would sit without a blanket with my feet cold. If I won, he would walk away nagging - a few minutes later knocking things off the counter to annoy me!

Yesterday, as I said our final goodbye to Tyson at the vet, I was bawling.

He passed peacefully & surrounded by love. He even stuck around long enough to meet our baby boy Issa. In one of the pictures below, he tried on one of Issa's hats, and wouldn't take it off.

Pets are amazing. Life is precious ❤️️

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