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Maria Prymachenko's "Philosophy of the Good"

Maria Prymachenko was a legendary Ukrainian artist whose vibrant, fairytale-style paintings adorn the walls of many children’s rooms, libraries, and schools around the world.

Born in 1908, she survived polio, the Bolshevik coup, Stalin’s horros, collectivization, WWII, and the Soviet reign. She lost a husband to Stalin’s war of aggression against Finland, and a brother to the Nazis.

Her reaction?

To fly deeper into art, color, and imagery of peace and love: “Many critics noticed her specific 'philosophy of the good’, which she embodies in images of ‘kind’ beasts and birds (lions, hares, bulls, horses, storks, swallows).” (Source:

Sadly, many of her originals displayed at the Ivankiv Museum were destroyed in the bombings of the last few weeks.

But her “philosophy of the good” will surely continue to survive on many walls — and in many hearts.

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