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I got the job!

My very first interview out of law school was with a very well respected, senior partner at a white shoe NYC firm.

He, a Southern gentleman, asked, “So, you’re new to New York. What’s your favorite football team?”

I, football not being my sport, said, honestly, “I’ve always liked the Colts, but since I live in New York now, I guess I’ll start supporting the Giants!”

Mr Senior Partner leaned forward in his giant leather chair. His eyes piercing at me through the top of his glasses, he commanded, “Mr Assareh! Just because you’re in a new city, it doesn’t mean you have to change your loyalties.”

I completely crumbled inside. I knew for sure that I’ll never get that job.

Terrified, and trying to get a foothold back in the interview, I asked, my voice shaking, “ummmm…. What is YOUR favorite football team?”

I’m totally serious: He said, straight up: “I grew up in Baltimore, so I grew up supporting the Colts [who used to be in Baltimore]. But now I support the Giants.”


Moral of the story: You never know!! Be honest, and leave the rest to the universe!

And I got the job 😬

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