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Heidegger on Authenticity (my interpretation)

Heidegger on Authenticity (my interpretation):

- From the moment we’re born, we’re “thrown into” a certain language, culture, era in history, context.

- It’s like we are the hardwares that run the softwares of society.

- While we can’t change what world we’re thrown into (what softwares we’ve been given), of course we can make choices, and do things our way.

- ⬆️ That’s what we normally call “authenticity:” Doing things in our own way.

- But it’s more than that: We have the freedom to choose our ATTITUDE; how we approach the world.

- So to be truly authentic, it’s not just doing things in our own way; it’s to TAKE A STAND ON IT!

- To own it, to have thought through our positions, to be proud of them, to mean them, to live them!!

- This doesn’t mean being rigid or not changing our minds; it means, even when we change our minds, TAKE A STAND on that too! Truly mean it, be real about it!

Don’t just run the software of society. Run it in your own way. And mean it!

Take a stand on your being!

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