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"Everything sometimes ends."

I lived a chunk of my childhood in the former Soviet Republic of Uzbekistan; this beautiful Russian ballad, by the legendary Irina Allegrova, I’ll never forget.

It’s about break-ups & ends: romantically, titled “unfinished novel.” The lesson: “But everything sometimes ends.” (The last sentence is beautiful too.)

End at the climax -- and accept that "everything sometimes ends."


"Beautiful love - we have given it a tribute of madness

O, God, as spring suited you

But autumn outside, trees in silver,

Alas, habit cooled us.

Snowflakes on the eyelashes thawed

And we read the beautiful unfinished novel

about love, without the treasons

But everything sometimes ends

So let us leave now from the fate

After leaving the unfinished novel

in the park on the bench.

Little between us, glad recollections

but I did not want to know the agony of love

After parting with you, let us save our love

from the complex conversations and the offenses."


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