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  1. Please make sure to have the Facebook App downloaded and ready on your phone.  (Unfortunately, Facebook does not allow 2-person lives from Desktop of Browser versions yet.)

  2. Please use headphones to reduce possibility of an echo.

  3. Please prop your phone up vertically, against a secure surface.

  4. I will call you 2-3 minutes before the scheduled live to make sure your sound / picture works.

  5. At the scheduled time, make sure you are on the Iranian Lawyers in North America page using the Facebook App.  Once I start the Live, you will receive a notification that I'd like you to join the Live.  Please accept.  (If for some reason you don't receive a notification, you can click on the Live to start watching it.  Once you are a "viewer," I can pull you in.)

  6. Lastly, sometimes there is an echo.  If that happens, we can end the Facebook Live and jump on a Zoom call (and livestream the Zoom onto Facebook.)  The Zoom log-in details are:

  7.  Thank you for participating in this awesome community! 

ILNA Live Instruction: About Me
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