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We can connect, at an intersection, with a wave.

I lean pretty blue, but where I live leans pretty red.

Almost every day, after work, I take my son Issa “car watching.”

We park his stroller by the stop sign, and wave at strangers driving by.

Invariably, EVERY person who sees us from their car (be it a driver, passenger, or kid in the back) waves at us — with a smile as big as sunshine, as I hear Issa giggling and jostling by my side.

A pure moment of joy — connection, with total strangers.

As the cars peel off into the distance, I often wonder: “How could we - who just created, shared, and experienced such a beautiful moment — yell at each other, hate each other, in just a different setting?”

It fills me with wonder and confusion; but also love and hope.

Connection is the foundation.

And we can connect, at an intersection, with a wave.


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